What is FX option trade?

A simple deal with two companies to go up or down!

Optional transaction is a financial product that trades “the right to sell or purchase a specific underlying asset at a fixed price on a certain future date.” If it is only this explanation it seems to be very difficult, if you replace it with a simple word, it will be “HIGH” or the “LOW” that the exchange rate etc. after several minutes or several hours goes higher than the current level What? It is a very simple deal just to anticipate with this two options.

Because option transactions are basically a very simple transaction method that only selects “HIGH” or “LOW”, it is getting popular especially for beginners of FX. There were no domestic FX traders offering option transactions in the past, but companies that offer high quality and easy option transactions have come to be seen from the influence of the popularity of recent option transactions. It is expected that the number of FX traders handling option transactions will increase further in the future.